Verification Process

How to verify your Type and get to the best starting point for your development

I’ve used a variety of methods since 1992 when I gained an accreditation to use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Incidentally, I’m also qualified to use PAPI, OPQ, Firo B and a broad range of trait based psychometric tests.

The method I shall outline here is, in my view, the best of what is available today (February 2021).

First of all, why do you want to correctly identify your Type? What purpose will you put the result to? What do you wish to develop? Who else might benefit from your result?

I have access to an excellent online verification system developed by TypeCoach There is a cost but that needs to be agreed between me, you and TypeCoach as the company is flexible in its pricing depending on you, your organisation and so on. It will be cheaper if you are an individual, a small organisation or a charity. You’ll need to email me at and just quickly explain your aim and your situation.

I’ll then get a code for you so you can login to follow the easy online tutorial ahead of us having a Zoom call to go over your questions. The TypeCoach online process merely sets up the conversation where you will get maximum benefit and value. This may sound complicated but actually it isn’t. You’ll also find it very human as TypeCoach have worked in some great videos into their process which they’ve been using for over 16 years with great success.

The result? Unless you are one of the 4-5% of people who cannot locate their true Type, you’ll have a verified Type preference for you to start using with great confidence.

Author: David Shaw

Personality Type Practitioner. Former lecturer and HR consultant.

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